Friday, February 26, 2010

Hearing Aids - Broken AGAIN

So Caitlyn's Phonak eXtra 211's are in for repair again. I'd say they average repair every other month or so. Thankfully, she has her back-up Oticon Gaia's but the downfall with those is the FM System... her FM works with her Phonak's. She hasn't been able to use her FM for over a week now and she actually misses it.

Conor has had his Phonak Nios Micro's for around 2 months now and we haven't had any major damage to them. They have had a bit of saliva on them at time but I make sure to put them in the dryer. I am afraid of his breaking because he doesn't have a spare set like she does.

When Cait was little we tried everything possible to keep her hearing aids on. One of our favorite products was EarGear: I think it may be time for Conor to get some Ear Gear... I'd try to use Caitlyn's old ones but his hearing aids are much smaller (gotta love how advanced technology can get just in a few years) than hers. Plus the 2 sets we have include pink, it is bad enough that she put a tiara on him the other day!

Having 2 kids with hearing aids is interesting to say the least. You always have to worry about them:

-losing them
-breaking them
-general maintenance