Monday, December 27, 2010

My 18 month old little ???

My little man is 18 months old today. He can be the sweetest boy or evil terror to his sister. Gives his share of kisses and hugs and recently started pushing me away... A true opinion of his own.

Many of you may remember his first real word was "poop" and on Christmas day he did a true follow-up -- 1st 2 words strung together and used appropriately "oh shit". A RC helicopter was about to hit us in the head and he was trying to warn us! Smart man.

Continuing with the theme tonight...

Just like his sister at this age, he likes to make 'bubbles' in the bath and tonight wasn't any different. BUT tonight was that one night that our luck ran out. He pushed a little too hard and I instinctually scooped out the bath toys before they became contaminated and then yanked him out and rinsed him off. He looked in there and laughed like a true little boy. Mommy had to clean up the baby Ruth.

Happy 18 months Conor!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WishGenies uses Facebook Likes and community to help your gift shopping

This is an app that we can all use beyond they holidays since in all honesty most of us suck at gift giving. I know that most of the time I spend hours going through sites or standing in stores looking for the perfect gift... by using WishGenies quite a bit of that hassle is gone.

Can you believe Jeff really gave Keilee a PS3? Yes, I know both of these people and she is definitely not playstation type. Now he may be able to get her a gift that has a power cord since she has more gadget cred than he does but still...

Happy Holidays!

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If you’re still hunting gift ideas for a friend or three, a Facebook application from a local developer hopes to have the answer.

Launched in November, WishGenies is a lightweight tool in beta that leverages Facebook user ‘likes’ and an early-adopting community to offer suggestions.

This author signed in, chose a Facebook friend for whom he was seeking a gift, added some other keyword preferences of my friend and, within six hours, I had three suggestions under my $50 price range. One was a book that this friend has and enjoyed and two others were gifts that, truly, I just might purchase.

The app is from Jeff Deville, a 32-year-old freelance web developer living in Plymouth Meeting. Most suggestions come in within a day, he said.

“Two Christmases ago, I was looking for a present for my girlfriend, now wife. I went with a buddy of mine to the King of Prussia Mall, and we walked around the whole thing, both sides. We left sans gifts. A week or two later sees me walking out of the Sony Store with a Playstation 3 — for my girlfriend,” Deville, formerly the web architect for “It went over about as well as you might have expected. I was forbidden from ever buying her anything with a power cord again.”

Deville says he’s learned that it’s easier to buy a gift for a friend than a family member or loved one. That’s because you have the same interests as your friends, he says, so you should seek gift advice from those who have those same interests. With the power of Facebook groups and ‘likes,’ participating ‘genies’ can have powerful access to insight on an individual’s tastes.

Born in Baton Rouge but raised in Tucson, Deville says he’s focused first and foremost on user acquisition and developing the recommendation platform. In time, he hopes to further develop the basic commission partnerships and Amazon referrals that are already included.

At this early stage, books have accounted for more than a quarter of the first several hundred recommendations through WishGenies, Deville says.

“Ultimately, the one thing I don’t want to do is let stores pay to give their products placement as a recommendation,” he says. “I’m very serious about this being a place where the quality of the recommendation comes first.”

With just a few hundred users, the application needs a heavy influx of gift-idea-seekers to boost metrics and develop the app, but the idea is simple and effective. Its truest shortcoming is one that many new Facebook apps face, being without true integration into Facebook. The user has to return to the WishGenies interface to find if any suggestions have come through. The app also depends on big community buy in, the larger, more diverse group of ‘genies’ submitting suggestions, the more successful. Otherwise, the app might struggle to offer relevance. If it takes, the idea can be a simple success.

Give WishGenies a try, and tell us what you think. Is this a keeper?


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Going to Great Wolf Lodge

Caitlyn woke EXTREMELY early this morning and climbed into bed with me... I did my best to ignore her but I had no chance against her. Conor must have sensed the movement from the other side of the house and he woke too. Happy Sunday!!

The kids must have gotten into some sugar or something cause they were absolutely insane during the morning routine. Lots of running around, no listening and fighting over lollipops that they are not supposed to have at 8am ensued.

So the car is packed with entirely too much crap and most likely not the right stuff but we have our swimsuits and I think that is all that really matters!!

I keep hoping that Conor will catch a nap on the ride up but it doesn't look like that is going to happen... This is going to be a challenging day.

I did bring migraine meds. No clue how to keep sanity intact though.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Neighborhood Toy Store Day! Nov 13, 2010

Tomorrow I will be joining other Philly Social Media Moms at the Please Touch Museum for Neighborhood Toy Store Day. I haven't told my daughter about this due to the simple fact that I didn't want to hear "are we going today" every day for the past week. This will be a wonderful event and a great reminder to shop local!!

Toy stores across the country will be celebrating the joy of play at Neighborhood Toy Store Day on November 13, 2010.

Please view our list of participating stores to find the one nearest you. Give them a call to find out what they have planned for the big day!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Conor's IFSP - Hearing Loss

Conor's 6 month eval came around and I am still having a hard time talking about it.  Not quite ready to share the outcome but since that day he has shown remarkable improvement so that has given me real hope.  More details to come.

My sweet little man has been steadily wearing his hearing aids -- the Phonak Nios Micro's are holding up pretty well.  I see a little bit of rust in one of them so it will have to go in for repair but overall they are standing up to all the abuse he puts them through.  He has had them for a full year now; no clue how he will make it through 2 more years with them but Caitlyn somehow made it with her first pair.  It is time to start introducing him to the FM system... hope his teachers are ready.

More on the good news.  Conor has switched Hearing therapists and will be working with the Clarke School again.  We had a wonderful experience there with Caitlyn and look forward seeing some familiar faces.

Monday, October 11, 2010

21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act

Both of my kids wear hearing aids and I followed this closely. So gad they have more rights!

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21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act

In summary, the “Twenty-first Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act,” when passed would update the Communications Act and establish new safeguards for disability access to ensure that people with disabilities are not left behind as technology changes and the United States migrates to the next generation of Internet-based and digital communication technologies.  The following provisions are of particular interest to our community:

Hearing Aid Compatibility.  Extends federal law that currently requires hearing aid compatibility on newly manufactured and imported telephones, to comparable customer premises equipment used to provide IP-enabled communication service.  The purpose of this section is to make sure that people with hearing loss have access to telephone devices used with advanced technologies, including cell phones or any other handsets used for Internet-based voice communications. (This section is not intended to extend to headsets or headphones used with computers.)


Windows Phone 7 debuts today: Does it really have a chance?

I really do believe this has a chance. It is different enough without being "out there" and as an iPhone user I am ready to toss that damn device that crashes all too often. Apple has really screwed up by not making their new OS backwards compatible with last generation hardware. This OS isn't app centric so it is a different user experience. The live tiles are great, developers can produce apps easily on here... even I can and I haven't done any real coding in 7 years.

It is worth considering if you are in the market for a new phone.

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Windows Phone 7 debuts today: Does it really have a chance?

Windows Phone 7 debuts today: Does it really have a chance?

In a couple of hours, Windows Phone 7 will make its big debut. Reviews of the preview build of the OS were generally favorable, but the technology is just the beginning. Cellphones are completely different beasts than they were when Microsoft first entered the mobile market 10 years ago. WP7 is challenged like other major smartphone OS has been. Here's why.

Simple Math

Over the last six months, Nielsen says smartphones running the Android operating system (32%) have outsold phones running BlackBerry (26%) and iOS (mostly just the iPhone 4, 25%) in the U.S.

Some quick addition… 32, 26, 25 — that's 83% of all smartphones sold. That means 17% of smartphone users are still using a phone running Symbian or, God help you, Windows Mobile 6.x, are either satisfied (you're kidding, right?) or been patiently waiting for something that's not quite Apple, not quite Android, and not quite BlackBerry.

Today, these somehow unfulfilled smartphone users will have a fresh choice: Windows Phone 7. Will WP7 be the smartphone they've been waiting for?

If you're an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry user, it's highly doubtful you're going to wake up Tuesday morning and go "Gee, that WP7 looks real good. I think I'll just toss my iPhone/Android/BlackBerry phone into the trash and start all over paying for new apps and completely reorganizing my mobile life!"

Since that's not going to happen in the real or Bizarro worlds, that means either Microsoft is hoping to attract new non-smartphone users with WP7, a reasonable hope, or convert a large chunk of the remaining 17% of the current smartphone audience, even more reasonable.

But how in heck can Microsoft think WP7 will have or be or do something that Apple, Google or RIM haven't thought of and already covered with their devices?


Friday, October 8, 2010

Vlingo outs InCar voice-driven service for Android smartphones

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Vlingo outs InCar voice-driven service for Android smartphones

Today Vlingo announced InCar, a new beta service for Android smartphones on Sprint. InCar lets users send and receive text messaging without using their hands. Using Bluetooth connectivity, drivers simply need to speak a "wake up word," and then they'll be able to send text or email messages, search the web, update Facebook and Twitter, open 3rd party applications, and more. Vlingo is free for Android 2.1 and the InCar software is only available to Sprint customers.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Apps with social functionality drive better interaction rates: CTIA panel

This is the key message to take home “We’re evolving the social aspect, not just attracting the audience, but also engaging the audience.” It is all about being social and not just pushing content but interacting and communicating WITH people and not TO people.

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Apps with social functionality drive better interaction rates: CTIA panel

During the “Applications: Social Networking” panel, speakers discussed the importance of having a social functionality in mobile applications. The panel was moderated by Mark Donovan, senior vice president of mobile and senior analyst at comScore, Reston, VA.

“It’s all about people wanting to share,” said Michael Luna, chief technology officer of Seven Networks, San Francisco. “To us, it’s not whether they share on Facebook or Twitter.

“We’re enabling them to have that experience with sharing,” he said. “It’s about the experience that the consumer gets.

“We’re all about how do you deliver all that content and enable that in a way that allows people to still communicate.”

Mobile video
MobiTV worked with NBC and AT&T on a mobile campaign for the Winter Olympics.

The company featured on-demand video highlights of the event in an application and integrated social networking. This includes a Twitter integration that let users follow athletes within the application.

“We saw a tipping point in the application,” said Ray DeRenzo, chief marketing officer of MobiTV, San Francisco. “More people were involved in the social aspect of the application and there were groups of people following a skier of Ghana.

“What started out as a video proposition, morphed into a social network application,” he said. “We’re evolving the social aspect, not just attracting the audience, but also engaging the audience.”

Companies investing in video should focus on the experience and engagement, per Mr. DeRenzo.

MobiTV makes its money via subscriptions and finds that the combination of video and social makes it a true value to consumers, therefore they do not mind paying.

“It’s context for the conversation,” Mr. DeRenzo said. “It’s what they’re about, what they’re seeing in the video.”

Mr. DeRenzo talked about his work with the NBA on an application.

The application streamed live basketball games. At the same time, consumers could interact with each other via the application and trash-talk the other team.

“We’re trying to bring a new and more personalized experience to the mobile phone and the tablet, for example, is another platform for us to be able to do that," Mr. DeRenzo said.

Social helps mobile
For music discovery engine Shazam Entertainment, social is building page views, which drives advertising dollars.

“Consumers come back to use our service more and more because they want that social currency,” said Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam, London. “Once we launched the Facebook badge on our application, users wanted to be the first in their peer group to get the badge.

“Then that stimulated their friends to join in,” he said. “There was a greater justification using the mobile application because of the social element to it.”

What Mr. Fisher finds important about social is that users can connect with friends who do not have to be on the same handset or network as them.

“Businesses will succeed [using] social,” Mr. Fischer said.

Mobile games
Games play another key role in how companies incorporate social into mobile.

Farmville gained a lot of success online, especially via Facebook.

Now, there is a Farmville application where users can not only interact with the game, but also with their friends. There is a Facebook feature in the application that takes user engagement to another level.

“Bringing games to consumers is a win-win for everyone,” said Jen Herman, director of Farmville Mobile at Zynga, San Francisco.

“Also, developing for HTML5 and using an application in functionality that’s native to the device that you’re on is important,” she said. “I think that we’re going to see explosive growth of social gaming on mobile.”

Augmented reality
William Volk, CEO of Playscreen, San Diego, thinks augmented reality will play a big role in the future.

“Augmented reality is going to give users another incentive to play games,” Mr. Volk said. “People are also going to want to compete for things, rather than buy things."

Mr. Volk said that brands should not just place a simple banner ad into an application because it takes something more innovative to really engage consumers in a dialog. 

“[For example], when a user plays a social game, they get a coupon or something,” Mr. Volk said. “That makes so much more sense.”


Friday, September 24, 2010

1 in 10 persons in the United States has a hearing loss #Walk4Hearing

The goal of the Walk4Hearing is to increase awareness about the causes and consequences of hearing loss and to raise funds to provide information and support for people with hearing loss.

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Walk4Hearing logo
Step Up

Caitlyn & Conor's Walk4Hearing Page

As many of you may know, both Caitlyn and Conor have hearing loss. Caitlyn (4.5yrs old) was diagnoised with bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss in the mild/moderate range and has been aided since 3 months old. Thankfully this was caught early and she is on target with her hearing peers. 

Conor was also diagnoised in August 09 with bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss in the mild/moderate range.  He has had his hearing aids since he was 4 months old.

We are fortunate that both kids received an early diagnoisis and will be on track for typical speech development.  I wish I could say that I was surprised when we found out about Conor's hearing loss but I almost expected it. Our next step is to start genetic testing and see where that takes our family.  If your kid is delayed in speech or you think he/she may not hear you - please don't take the wait and see approach. Be proactive. As parents we are the kids only true advocate.

My family will be participating in the Walk4Hearing to support all those with hearing loss. I need your support to make this event a success. Please take a moment to sponsor my efforts. Thanks!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Encyclopedia Britannica goes mobile to educate kids

This is so very true. As a mom of 2 small children I am amazed every day with their knowledge of technology. My 4 yo daughter has been using a computer in her "school" since she was 2! At the ripe age of 4.5 yrs old she has her own netbook and desktop. She doesn't need any assistance booting up and accessing her games and the websites she has bookmarked. Even my personal iPhone she successfully can make calls, go to her favorite apps and even watch video's on her youtube channel that has been set-up for her.

My son at 14 months loves to swipe through the pictures on the phone and even he has his favorite apps...

Wonder what technology will be like in a few years when they really start attending classes.

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Britannica goes mobile to

Encyclopedia Britannica goes mobile to educate kids

Why mobile
Kids have grown up in an increasingly mobile world, and using mobile, handheld devices is second nature to them. 


Very Smart: Chrysler car owner’s manual evolves into smartphone app

This is great, certainly hope all the other manufacturers follow suit.

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Chrysler car owner’s manual evolves into smartphone app

Chrysler Group LLC is offering what it claims is the industry's first vehicle-information application for smartphones, eliminating the need for bulky owner’s manuals.

Information that used to be stuffed into the glove box is now at drivers’ fingertips. In addition to general vehicle information including operation, maintenance and warranty, this new application offers product-feature video demonstrations, connections with fellow owners via the company's brands on social media sites and access to customer care and 24-hour roadside assistance.

Chrysler car owner’s manual evolves into smartphon

“Our new apps are for current owners and potential customers,” he said. “For those in the market for one of our new vehicles, customers may simply download our apps and learn about the vehicle." 

Mobile manual
Chrysler currently offers applications for the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2011 Ram Truck lineup. It will offer applications on select vehicles as it moves forward with product launches this year.

The vehicle-information application was developed by Tweddle Group. It is designed to support vehicles in the United States market.

The application will first be available for iPhone and later for BlackBerry and Android devices on major mobile carriers.

“As far as consumer challenges that our apps address, customers no longer have to thumb through a thick book in order to learn about a new feature or address an issue,” Mr. Zvileman said. “The information is always with them at their fingertips wherever they go.”

The application is free to the consumer. It will eventually phase into select future Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep and Ram Truck vehicles in the U.S.

Application features
New Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep and Ram Truck smartphone vehicle-information applications will complement existing user guides and DVDs that are currently provided with each vehicle.

Each vehicle-information application allows the consumer to browse functional categories and view detailed topics of interest relative to their specific vehicle.

Key feature categories include product information, vehicle operating instructions, vehicle maintenance schedules, service contract details, warning lights and controls, warranty information and customer assistance.

Other features and benefits include links to Mopar parts and accessories, product brand gear and merchandise and the company's brands on social media sites.

The application will also contain high-resolution product-information images and videos.

“We want to create a new channel of communication with our customers,” Mr. Zvibleman said. “We are moving vehicle information from the glove box to the smartphone.

“We were the first in the industry to eliminate traditional owner manuals, saving 20,000 trees annually,” he said. “For our other vehicles without apps, we offer brief user guides and DVDs. 

“However, for those who still want the traditional owner manual, we will mail them upon request.”


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AOL taps QR codes in Metro Herald print advertising

At least AOL isn't sending out those CD's anymore... or at least I hope not. QR codes are the way to go now, a hell of alot better for the environment. It seems as though adoption rate has been pretty slow but that should pick up. Glad Ireland is on top of the game here!

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AOL taps QR codes in Metro Herald print advertising

Brands such as Jameson Whiskey and AOL have incorporated QR codes into their print advertising in Ireland’s Metro Herald newspaper.

Metro Herald is working with Digital Reach Group to enable advertisers in Ireland to incorporate an interactive digital response into their print campaigns through the use of Scanlife QR codes. The paper’s readership comprises 70,000 people.

QR Code

“QR codes provide the ability to directly engage with customers in a unique and interactive way whether they are out and about, at home or in the office,” said Colm Grealy, CEO of Digital Reach Group, Dublin.

“They provide the opportunity to create a valuable opt-in database of users through mobile data collection forms and immediate mobile response allows them to increase campaign response rates and capture more opt-in data from customers,” he said.

Here is a screen grab of the AOL ad:

Metro Herald claims that advertisers are seeing 5-15 percent of the overall readership responding to ads.

For competitions, the conversion rate was as high as 97 percent. That is 97 percent of those who responded to the ad by scanning the code, went on to enter their contact details and sign up for a competition.

“Via the use of QR codes, advertisers are able to deliver additional information, offers or services to their customers directly on their mobile phone via their print marketing campaigns,” Mr. Grealy said.

“QR codes drive downloads and traffic to advertisers’ digital content and sites,” he said. “They can fully measure and compare the effectiveness and response levels of marketing spend in all media, and compare the effectiveness of one publication to another.”


Friday, September 3, 2010

Facebook Tests Stalker-Friendly "Subscribe to" Feature

Well this will make some people really happy. Guess it would be similar to lists on Twitter... easy to get their feed. If a person is really desperate to stalk you, I am sure this is already being done and I would like to look at this in more of a positive light. On the iPhone app you currently have your "favorite" friends easy to get to and this would just be another avenue.

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Facebook Tests Stalker-Friendly "Subscribe to" Feature

Facebook SubscribeFacebook is testing a new feature that allows any user to "subscribe to" another user. What with having hundreds of friends, multiple news feeds and only so many hours in the day, you might miss out on what your ex-girlfriend is doing these days--and that will not stand!

The "subscribe to" feature gives you notifications whenever someone to whom you've subscribed takes action on Facebook, from status updates to photo uploads to wall comments. The new feature doesn't seem to extend as far as Facebook Places check-ins--Facebook says it only applies to updated statuses and new content. Here's their statement:

Yes, this feature is being tested with a small percent of users. It
lets people subscribe to friends and pages to receive notifications
whenever the person they’ve subscribed to updates their status or posts
new content (photos, videos, links, or notes).

AllFacebook notes that while this is sort of creepy for individuals, it could be used to great (and less weird) effect with public pages (eds. note: Please stalk Fast Company on Facebook at Imagine following a band, and never missing when that band sends out a Facebook message with new tour dates. You could see how business and other groups would find the feature pretty useful, especially since it distills the true fans from the casual ones who join every page.

In the wake of pretty much continuous privacy scandals, it's unclear how Facebook will make this feature seem palatable. It doesn't exactly allow anything that wasn't possible before, but it makes obsession much easier. Perhaps Facebook would implement a way for users to approve subscribers?

In any case, the feature is merely being tested now, and may or may not ever be implemented for the general public. How do you all feel? Is this a valuable new tool, or a step over the line into creepiness?


Half of ESPN Mobile users do not use PC products: keynote at Mobile Marketing Summit

This is where the future is headed and I am trying to stay on top of the wave. Yes, some things that are coming out now and highly popular won't be around for the years to come but that is a bonus to keep us all thinking.

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Half of ESPN Mobile users do not use PC products: keynote at Mobile Marketing Summit

NEW YORK – An ESPN executive said that half of the users of the sports network’s SMS alerts, mobile Web site and applications are unique to the mobile medium, during a keynote address at the first-annual Mobile Marketing Summit.

The nation's most popular sports cable network is also one of the most visited properties across mobile channels. ESPN expects huge surges of mobile traffic during this holiday season, which coincides with NCAA football and the NFL season.

ESPN exec reveals mobile monetization tactics

“About half of people who use our mobile products don’t use our PC products—the mobile device could be their only Internet connection or their primary Internet-connected device,” said John Zehr, senior vice president and general manager of ESPN Mobile, Bristol, CT. “Mobile is not cannibalistic—it’s an amplifier.

“Fans migrate toward best available screen, and while we’re still seeing the majority of consumption on TV, our mobile audience is growing at an astounding rate,” he said. “In 2008 for the first time, and again last year, our mobile traffic actually exceeded our PC traffic on weekends.

“On college football Saturday and NFL Sunday we get more traffic on our mobile Web site than our wired Web site, and now there’s no going back—if you deliver a good experience, people will consume the content on their mobile device when they’re out and about.”


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mobile video ads perform 100 times better than online video ads: iVdopia

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Mobile video ads perform 100 times better than online video ads: iVdopia

Fandango Iron Man 2 mobile video ads exceed 6 perc

Jeffrey Hayzlett, former Eastman Kodak executive, “Celebrity Apprentice” alum and author, said that mobile lets consumers interact and experience the depth of a brand like no other medium can.

When I first met iVdopia, I quickly recognized that they were the pioneers of mobile video advertising, being the first to launch mobile video ad innovations that reaches users across all devices—imagine a single ad experience for your brand that plays across all smartphones, regardless of its operating system.

Their mobile video ad and rich-media formats are the first of its kind in the market and it is amazing to see how users spend time, interact and share this eye-catching ad experience through their own social networks.

Interestingly enough, iVdopia has also been the leader in launching the only video ad-serving platform for HTML5, called V5, which makes it possible for advertisers to serve a rich video ad experience on any mobile device.

As I began to work with them, I also found that they have partnered with some of the biggest brands in the industry to create multiple video ad formats that bring together the stunning visual effects and impressive direct response rates for a powerful interactive brand experience.

I believe that iVdopia is the one to watch out for and they will be a leader the mobile marketing industry.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Philadelphia - Walk for Hope. If you are in the area on Sept 12 pls consider walking! @joeyfortman is hosting

This one really hits home right now. A week ago I noticed a lump in my right breast so when I received the info about this walk today I jumped on the chance to help get the word out. I have my mammogram and ultrasound scheduled for Monday, pretty sure everything will be okay but thankful for organizations like this.

I am positive that this will be a fun event because Joey Fortman of will be hosting. Over the past 6 months I have had the pleasure of getting to know this fabulous woman... she has taught me so many things.

Get involved!

Women's Cancers, Women's Cures

Beginning this year, City of Hope expands the power of Walk for Hope. We are a united front of survivors and supporters dedicated to ending the devastation of breast and gynecological cancers.


Hope is on the horizon. Boosted by the unstoppable spirit of thousands of committed supporters in eight cities, City of Hope's women’s cancers research, treatment and education programs are leading the way to women's cures. More about the cause.

We're all in. Are you?


Friday, August 20, 2010

Walk4Hearing - What can you do to help? Pediatric hearing loss...

Please join our team or contribute in any way you can to this cause dear to my heart. Both of my kids were born with hearing loss and wear hearing aids. We are lucky they they have hit all of their milestones with speech but we know many that are not this fortunate.

On September 25th we will be heading to the walk... it is important for my kids to see other peers and adults with hearing loss, see how well they communicate and show them that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Amplify’d from
Walk4Hearing logo

Caitlyn & Conor's Walk4Hearing Page

As many of you may know, both Caitlyn and Conor have hearing loss. Caitlyn (4.5yrs old) was diagnoised with bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss in the mild/moderate range and has been aided since 3 months old. Thankfully this was caught early and she is on target with her hearing peers. 

Conor was also diagnoised in August 09 with bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss in the mild/moderate range.  He has had his hearing aids since he was 4 months old.

We are fortunate that both kids received an early diagnoisis and will be on track for typical speech development.  I wish I could say that I was surprised when we found out about Conor's hearing loss but I almost expected it. Our next step is to start genetic testing and see where that takes our family.  If your kid is delayed in speech or you think he/she may not hear you - please don't take the wait and see approach. Be proactive. As parents we are the kids only true advocate.

My family will be participating in the Walk4Hearing to support all those with hearing loss. I need your support to make this event a success. Please take a moment to sponsor my efforts. Thanks!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another company doing it right... Pizza Hut exec claims mobile accounts for 50 percent of orders

Forward thinking. They make ordering pizza fun... and starting to get involved with location-based services via foursquare. I love checking in at places to see if there are any coupons.

As a Mom I let my daughter build her pizza. She is more likely to eat if she is involved in the process... very smart Pizza Hut, very smart.

Pizza Hut exec claims mobile accounts for 50 percent of orders


Brian Niccol, chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut, Dallas, said yesterday at a media lunch in New York, that his company will soon launch an iPad and Android application. The executive also showcased new menu items that consumers can buy via their mobile device.

According to Mr. Niccol, mobile and social media plays a big part in the company’s multichannel strategy.

In 2009, the company was one of the first pizza chains to offer both SMS and mobile Web ordering options.

Consumers can also play a fun game via the application that lets them build their own pizza by pinching to select the size and drag-and-drop toppings onto the pizza (see story).

Social toppings

Pizza Hut has also dabbed into the social world with a new promotion that offers users a chance to win a free single order of breadsticks by using location-based service Foursquare.

Hungry consumers who check into participating locations and become mayor of that Pizza Hut can receive their free reward with the purchase of a large pizza (see story).


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mango Honey for little money - Coupon

Here is the link to the coupon!  Mango Honey for little money

I bet my kids would love this... I certainly know I would. They are both fans of Mango and the little dude is a year old so he can have some honey!

A win-win situation! Toms Shoes enlists mobile to promote millionth pair donated

Talk about a great promo! Everyone wins here... there is a charity involved, branding for all 3 companies and happy consumers. I think this is the first contest that i am excited about. I wonder what 4square will do in response.

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Toms Shoes enlists mobile to promote millionth pair donated

When mobile users check-in to certain venues between Aug. 16 and 29 using the location-based application Gowalla, they can enter to win a variety of prizes. Toms partnered with AT&T to coordinate the prize offerings, which include a paid trip to Argentina to attend the donation of Toms’ millionth pair of shoes.


Toms has also partnered with AT&T for its Shoe Styler promotion, which directs consumers to design shoes at for the chance to win the Argentina trip.

The Gowalla campaign
Starting Aug. 16, when Gowalla users check in to certain locations, such as those categorized as technology or apparel listings, a screen will generate within the application informing them that they have been entered into the contest.

By clicking on a button labeled “Next,” users can instantly find out if they have won a prize, such as:

• The trip to Argentina to view the millionth shoe donation

• An AT&T Netbook laptop computer

• An AT&T smartphone

• A pair of Toms shoes

The companies are coordinating a cross-platform promotional campaign spanning traditional and mobile Web channels.