Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In only 2 short days...

My little baby really isn't a baby anymore. She is now officially registered for kindergarten and today she lost her 2nd tooth.  It is amazing how fast kids grow up.  The things she tells me on a daily basis blows my mind. 

Not sure how but she lost her tooth so she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy tonight:

You'll notice that she has excellent hand writing for a 5yo and great finance skills if you ever saw her bank statement.  She will take the tooth fairy for $5 tonight -- anything less is unacceptable. 

She is so excited to go to Kindergarten and I am nervous for her.  Do all parents worry like this?  We had her IEP meeting a few weeks ago and I think that may have me a little stressed.  She has done extremely well in daycare/preschool but has also been with these kids all her life.  What happens when she meets all new kids and they pick on her because of her hearing aids?  I'm worried my happy little girl will go through some tough times.


  1. WOW!! What a smart girl. I am so shocked she's already lost 2 teeth! I continue to think of her as little toddler barely getting her teeth in. She has GREAT handwriting, and the BEST mom. She may get picked on, but I know you've equipped her with a great sense of self and she is so amazing other kids will flock to be her friend. I can't wait to see what next year brings! :)

  2. Great job with the letter. Her spacing is incredible and I love how she doesn't beat around the bush concerning the money. Smart girl.

    She'll do fine in kindergarten. She's got an awesome personality and her hearing aids make her even more cool.

    We worry too much. If she had perfect hearing you'd find something else to stress over. I'm worried that Char will be picked on for being a bit bulky. God, I hope she never finds out how much I worry about that.

  3. Thanks Ladies. I guess we all worry about something.

    The kids are growing so fast!!! I remember when they were all babies and just barely crawling and now all in school.