Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not going to get me down

This has been the week from hell at my house.  All 3 of us are sick from one thing or another.  Yesterday I thought I had bad allergies but today I am questioning that.  The mucus is still flowing but I feel great other wise. 

I have to admit that I have been lazy today and not done anything towards training so I am sure I'll be up late again tonight putting in the work. 

On the path to kicking this out of my system I have been drinking a green tea with a huge spoon of Manuka Honey in it.  From everything I have read it should help me recover from this funkiness.  I'm also putting the Honey on Conor's wound on his face, it appears to have great healing properties because he looks so much better!  No matter what he is cure little dude but hopefully this will prevent an ugly scar.

I'm tempted to run outside right now... looks beautiful with the little bit of snow we have.  Have a feeling that my feet would freeze with my Vibram Fivefinger on though.  :-)

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