Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stupid or dedicated?!

I just came in from a 2.5 mile run in the cold rain... My legs are still numb (you can see how red the are in the pic). The hot shower I took still hasn't warmed me. This feels AMAZING!!!

The Tough Mudder is in 1 week... Yes, 1 short week and I have started I panic that I am not ready. I've been training in my Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSports for the past 4 months and this week I got scared about my toes. :-) so, in my true nature I decided to buy a pair of New Balance Minimus Friday night. Thinking there is a little more traction and less of a chance of breaking a toe or 10.

They rub the back of my heel pretty on my left foot but other than that they are perfect. Now I just need to buy some Under Armour Cold Gear pants this week and I will be all set.


  1. wow.. it is pouring and freezing - you are sure dedicated...atleast it is not lightning like last night...usha

  2. Our DevilDog brother, Rivera, also Ordnance from VMA-311, recently ran a half marathon or full marathon in his individually toed shoes. Keep it up sis! You got this!

  3. I wouldn't have a problem doing a road race in them but this is 11 miles of obstacles and rough terrain.

    Glad Rivera is still at it!!

  4. You are way more badass than I am. I'm running Dirty Girl on Saturday (so just 5K, and the obstacles all promise to be doable) but I said hellz no to the running in the rain today. I did run in the light sprinkle we had on Wednesday. :)

    1. Good luck you Dirty Girl!! Ha, wish I could join you.

      What shoes will you be using?

  5. I'm doing Sunday's too! Good luck...

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