Monday, December 21, 2009

Cabbage Patch Party @ Golden Inn, Avalon pt 2

So part 1 that I posted over at The Dinhs was mainly about the trip. This post is just a brief continuation to let you all know how thrilled I was that @Elizabeth_N the Party Planning Professor had asked about my daughters hearing loss and if she required any special accommodations. Thankfully, my little girl does extremely well with her hearing aids!

The main advice I can give to people is PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS... parents of hearing impaired kids are more than happy to talk to you about hearing loss and the equipment that the kids use. When talking with the child it is best to get to their level, look at them while talking and try to eliminate as much background noise as possible. Shouting will not help... it will only scare the kid and make you look stupid. Believe it or not Caitlyn will let you know if she didn't hear you. It was her words "what you said?" that gave me the idea for this blog.

While we were at Golden Inn the kids had a great time and some of the patrons asked about the kids hearing aids. Did I forget to mention that the hotel was also hosting a Sinatra weekend and had quite a few hearing aids users at the opposite end of the spectrum? So all the kids that were there for the Cabbage Patch Party were a hit. It is amazing seeing the different generations get along so well.

It was an amazing time! Thanks again!!

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