Friday, November 5, 2010

Conor's IFSP - Hearing Loss

Conor's 6 month eval came around and I am still having a hard time talking about it.  Not quite ready to share the outcome but since that day he has shown remarkable improvement so that has given me real hope.  More details to come.

My sweet little man has been steadily wearing his hearing aids -- the Phonak Nios Micro's are holding up pretty well.  I see a little bit of rust in one of them so it will have to go in for repair but overall they are standing up to all the abuse he puts them through.  He has had them for a full year now; no clue how he will make it through 2 more years with them but Caitlyn somehow made it with her first pair.  It is time to start introducing him to the FM system... hope his teachers are ready.

More on the good news.  Conor has switched Hearing therapists and will be working with the Clarke School again.  We had a wonderful experience there with Caitlyn and look forward seeing some familiar faces.

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