Monday, December 27, 2010

My 18 month old little ???

My little man is 18 months old today. He can be the sweetest boy or evil terror to his sister. Gives his share of kisses and hugs and recently started pushing me away... A true opinion of his own.

Many of you may remember his first real word was "poop" and on Christmas day he did a true follow-up -- 1st 2 words strung together and used appropriately "oh shit". A RC helicopter was about to hit us in the head and he was trying to warn us! Smart man.

Continuing with the theme tonight...

Just like his sister at this age, he likes to make 'bubbles' in the bath and tonight wasn't any different. BUT tonight was that one night that our luck ran out. He pushed a little too hard and I instinctually scooped out the bath toys before they became contaminated and then yanked him out and rinsed him off. He looked in there and laughed like a true little boy. Mommy had to clean up the baby Ruth.

Happy 18 months Conor!

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