Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Noblo Umbrella Buddy

I've been sitting here for a few minutes (at least 20) looking at the name trying to figure why they named it "Noblo" and then I felt really stupid!  No Blow!! Yeah, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed tonight. This looks like a great idea -- wish I would have thought of it. 

Noblo Umbrella Buddy will keep your beach umbrella secure while you are playing with your kids or lucky enough to have a cool beverage in hand and relaxing.  I vaguely remember the relaxing beach days... vaguely.  Now I am constantly saying "don't eat the sand, please stop throwing sand, you can't go in the water by yourself..." and it is anything BUT relaxing.  The smiles on the kids faces makes up for it though.

This is really more than a neat idea.  When I went to the Noblo web site I realized what a great product this is:

Great things about the Noblo Umbrella Buddy
  • Manufactured in New Jersey, USA
  • Affordable for people and families retails at $14.99
  • Packaged in Eatontown, NJ by CVR;  a local non-profit organization that hires mentally and physically handicapped individuals
  • $.05 a bag sold to be donated  to USLA – United States Lifesaving Association
  • Invented by moms
  • It’s super easy to use
  • Available in yellow,pink, turquoise, blue, black, and bright green
How many other products do you use that are invented by moms, made in your back yard and hires special needs employees?  This rocks!!

We had planned on going to the beach last weekend but Hurricane Irene visited us and put a damper on the good times.  My kids absolutely love the beach and can't wait to try the Noblo Umbrella Buddy! 

**Disclosure: I received a Noblo Umbrella Buddy at no cost for review

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  1. Wait, isn't it just an umbrella with a bag of sand attached to it?