Thursday, September 16, 2010

Encyclopedia Britannica goes mobile to educate kids

This is so very true. As a mom of 2 small children I am amazed every day with their knowledge of technology. My 4 yo daughter has been using a computer in her "school" since she was 2! At the ripe age of 4.5 yrs old she has her own netbook and desktop. She doesn't need any assistance booting up and accessing her games and the websites she has bookmarked. Even my personal iPhone she successfully can make calls, go to her favorite apps and even watch video's on her youtube channel that has been set-up for her.

My son at 14 months loves to swipe through the pictures on the phone and even he has his favorite apps...

Wonder what technology will be like in a few years when they really start attending classes.

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Britannica goes mobile to

Encyclopedia Britannica goes mobile to educate kids

Why mobile
Kids have grown up in an increasingly mobile world, and using mobile, handheld devices is second nature to them. 


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