Thursday, June 9, 2011

Great idea!! Evernote's Peek the first app to take advantage of iPad 2's Smart Cover

As far as mobile apps go, this is truly innovative. I am impressed and talk about a way to engage your audience. This will keep users on their app longer... they added a gaming aspect without making it cheesy.
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Evernote's Peek the first app to take advantage of iPad 2's Smart Cover
Evernote has just introduced a cool new app that utilizes the magnetic capabilities of the Smart Cover on the iPad 2 to help users study and improve their memory skills

Called Evernote Peek, the app utilizes the flexible, magnetic Smart Cover for the iPad 2 to present pieces of information to the user in a similar fashion to flash cards. The user can lift up just a portion of the smart cover to reveal a question, and then lift it up further to see the answer. When the cover is closed fully, a new question is generated. Evernote is positioning Peek as a tool for students, trivia buffs, and anyone who is looking to enhance their memory.

Users can create clues and answers right in their Evernote account. The note titles become clues, and the body of the note will contain the answer. Peek allows players to keep score as they play along. The iPad 2 has to have its brightness set to about 75 percent and the auto-lock disabled in order for Peek to work properly.

Evernote Peek is free and available in the iTunes App Store now. It requires an iPad 2 and an Apple Smart Cover for the iPad, though it does not matter what color Smart Cover one chooses.

Take a look at the video below showing Evernote Peek in action.

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