Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nokia's first Windows Phone: images and video, codenamed 'Sea Ray'

Now this is exciting! I have always loved the N Series devices and have never ventured out to purchase one due to the OS. This changes everything... running mango! Windows Phone 7 shouldn't be discredited at this point, it is still young but catching up fast.

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Nokia's first Windows Phone: images and video, codenamed 'Sea Ray'

Ok, this one's odd. In fact, we didn't believe the images until a video just surfaced showing Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, foolishly asking a crowd of people to "put away their cameras" for the unveiling of something "super confidential," codenamed "Sea Ray." Naturally, a few people ignored the plea for "no pictures please" and, indeed, leaked the new device out to the blogosphere. What is it? Why, it's Nokia's first Windows Phone. While it looks nearly identical to the just announced N9, the different LED placement on the back (in line with the same 8 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens) confirms it's a new device as does the additional hardware button (for shutter release, we presume) along the side. And the fact that it's running Windows Phone 7 Mango seals the deal. See a few more shots and a snippet of the video after the break, then hit up the source to see the video uncut.

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  1. The first Nokia phone to run Windows software may be the most important phone in Nokia is long history. I guess this will receive good appreciation.