Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hearing aids, little kids and camping?

We will be going on our 2nd annual family & friends camping trip to the Pocono Mountains.  Caitlyn is beyond excited and she has already started packing her bag and some snacks for her friends.  This year we will have 5 families joining us camping - I can't wait to see how everyone does.  Last year it was only us and 2 other families and there were many meltdowns (not only from kids but parents too!) and a crazy amount of laughs.

My OCD husband has already created an extensive list of items to bring with us... let's just say it is thorough.  He has actually started crossing some things off as they are ready.  It doesn't surprise me that my 4yo has a forced rank list of her friends.

One thing I have yet to decide is whether or not to bring the kids hearing aids with us.  It is calling for some rain and the campground is attached to a large amusement park. I'd freak if they got wet or lost.  BUT the kids won't be able to hear as well... what should I do?  This is one of those decisions that I hate making and can't wait till they are a little bit older to let me know what they want to do.  What would you do??

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