Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mobile video ads perform 100 times better than online video ads: iVdopia

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Mobile video ads perform 100 times better than online video ads: iVdopia

Fandango Iron Man 2 mobile video ads exceed 6 perc

Jeffrey Hayzlett, former Eastman Kodak executive, “Celebrity Apprentice” alum and author, said that mobile lets consumers interact and experience the depth of a brand like no other medium can.

When I first met iVdopia, I quickly recognized that they were the pioneers of mobile video advertising, being the first to launch mobile video ad innovations that reaches users across all devices—imagine a single ad experience for your brand that plays across all smartphones, regardless of its operating system.

Their mobile video ad and rich-media formats are the first of its kind in the market and it is amazing to see how users spend time, interact and share this eye-catching ad experience through their own social networks.

Interestingly enough, iVdopia has also been the leader in launching the only video ad-serving platform for HTML5, called V5, which makes it possible for advertisers to serve a rich video ad experience on any mobile device.

As I began to work with them, I also found that they have partnered with some of the biggest brands in the industry to create multiple video ad formats that bring together the stunning visual effects and impressive direct response rates for a powerful interactive brand experience.

I believe that iVdopia is the one to watch out for and they will be a leader the mobile marketing industry.

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