Saturday, May 14, 2011

4.5" is too big for a device: Samsung Infuse 4G review

Size really does matter... I'd never get this based on that one simple fact. I have girl pockets and it wouldn't fit in them very well. Go ahead and laugh but it is the truth. No matter how great it is, I still need it to be functional in every day life. The 4.3" devices even push it a little too far. The perfect size I've noticed is the 4".

The only 4.3" I was willing to get was the Droid Bionic and that is a mythical creature at this point. My last post about it was back on April 5th and there still isn't any movement -- I give up!

So, overall... it might be worth it but looks like everything else out there. I'd rather wait for the Android Sensation this summer.
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Samsung Infuse 4G review

We're just getting into the swing of spring, flowers blooming and skeeters biting, but already it's been a great year for Samsung -- if we ignore the whole lawsuit thing. Just a few weeks ago the company delivered to us our highest scoring Android phone yet, the Galaxy S II and, while that handset has not appeared on American shores, we were graced with the Droid Charge, which offers LTE speed, strong battery life, and an on-contract price that slightly exceeds its design.

Not so with the company's latest assault on American carriers. It's the Infuse 4G, it's $199 on-contract, and it has a decidedly high-end feel. It even looks a little like the S II -- if you squint. This is its own phone, though, a giant 4.5-inch screen setting it apart from its predecessors, and a giant battery inside giving it plenty of life. But is it really as good as it looks?

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