Monday, May 16, 2011

5 (unusual) reasons Verizon FiOS has made life easier

So most of you know I am a working mom that has to rely on not exactly "ideal" tactics to get  things done at times.  By ideal tactics it really depends on who you are talking to... I am no Donna Reed here and would never claim to be but you probably wouldn't think I am Mommy Dearest either.  BUT all dorkiness aside FiOS is great and helps us in everyday life.  Without it I wouldn't be able to get much accomplished at home.  I rely on it to help me with my cooking, cleaning, work, discipline and sanity.
  • Kids programming -- It has turned my 5yo daughter into a Big Time Rush FREAK.  I mean this is a serious issue, if she doesn't see that show on a daily basis there are tantrums.  She has learned to effectively use the remote.  It has improved her memory skills because she knows what time and channel.
  • On demand -- So when she can't get her fix of her favorite show or she misses it due to a TaeKwonDo Class Caitlyn knows how to navigate through the screens to reach her destination.  Of course there is a large variety of other shows to watch if you get bored with the few hundred channels that are playing. 
  • FiOS Internet -- For the whole family!  Yes, you read that right... even down to the almost 2yo.  We are all connected.  The kids love playing games and watching videos.  Keeping with the crazy 5yo theme – BTR has a website that she visits to watch their latest info.  I think at this point she must be their biggest fan.  On a personal note - it is helpful for me when the kids are sick and I end up working from home.
  • FiOS Phone -- Most days I question why I have a land line but I guess I need somewhere for telemarketers to call so I can hang-up.  I actually let my kids answer the home phone and where it is unlimited calling I don't mind when the little one sits there and just pushes buttons and doesn't really say much.   
  • Widgets -- Saved the best for last.  Since I am never really have time to watch TV it is so easy to pop the weather widget on in the morning while scrambling around trying to get the kids ready.  
My kids don't sit in front of the TV all day.  Their screen time is limited and by screen time I also have to include computer time... never thought I'd have to say that with kids so young! I also monitor what they watch too, yes I am picky with some shows.  Overall, you can't beat the technology; we never have issues with it like we did with cable.  Thank you, FiOS!!

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Verizon FiOS sponsored blogging program. Any views, opinions or experiences expressed are my own.”


  1. Dear Valerie:

    What a terrific post! We're so grateful to you for sharing your very creative approach to Verizon FiOS. Thanks for being such an amazing mom and for sharing your thoughts with others who will benefit from your insights. You made our day!


  2. Thank you, my kids love FiOS.