Thursday, May 26, 2011

Windows Phone web marketplace to arrive with Mango update

Another step in the right direction, keep chugging along.

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Windows Phone web marketplace to arrive with Mango update

Microsoft has announced its plans for a web-based version of its app Marketplace, where users can browse and install apps on their Windows Phone smartphone from a browser on a PC or Mac.

Similar to the web-based version of Google's Android Market, the Marketplace will allow users to pay for new apps with the credit card associated with their Windows Live account or assign a new credit card. The app will then be sent to the phone, via SMS or email, to be installed. The Marketplace will also keep a tally of the apps installed on a phone, so if a user switches devices, they will be able to reinstall the same apps they had previously. There will also be an implementation of parental controls.

[via The Next Web]



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