Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby & Toddler Expo

I know I am a little late with this post but my day job has been a little hectic.  In the past 2 weeks we have released updates to our Android, WP7, and iOS mobile apps, updated the iPad app, launched a new honeycomb tablet app, and have a scheduled HTML5 release tomorrow.  I'm not even thinking straight at this point!

Soooo... close to a month ago I attended the Baby & Toddler Expo with my family.  It is hard to believe this is the last year my little boy will be considered a toddler.  Once we arrived at the expo we were greeted with a breakfast, free tickets to the expo, some swag and most importantly to me  -- some time to network.  During this time we had a chance to listen to John Bell from Parent's Express Magazine talk about the expo, the magazine and local events.

John Bell - Parents Express Magazine
Of course I wish I had more time to actually network but I had Caitlyn with me and she was having a blast running up and down the hall with Caitlin's daughter's.  I'd like to send a huge THANKS to Mama's Little Helper, the blogger event host that put the breakfast together.

After the breakfast was over we headed out to the expo to check out the vendors.  They had your run of the mill vendors that you typically see at every show but a few places really stuck out in my mind:

  • Mommy Sitter Club - what a great idea this is! You can share calendars and have a secure place to swap sitting services.  Right now I don't do this in a very organized manner.
  • BabyPop Capes - C'mon what kid doesn't want a cape... I know mine want them.  They even make teddy bear capes.
  • Small Print Jewelry - This would be a great mother's day gift.  A perfect keepsake.
  • Mama's Little Helper - Great local site for events, coupons and pretty much anything you need to know.  Chrissy also had little wipes for sticky hands - huge hit with the moms! 
  • Piggyback Rider - I wanted to stop and try this out but Conor was having a meltdown and Caitlyn was angry with me... it would be perfect for both kids.  What a great concept.

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